[ Touch ]
- Flesh on flesh 
It is never only a physical contact, nor a friction, but, in the very moment,
it is something more- give you a crush, take you high, blow your mind, and make you float around. 
These illustrations will remind you of that moment of mysterious sensations.

Against my back, 
you exude a warmth that 
melts tomorrow's troubles
Your embrace - the serenest, 

most comforting space of all
You are so adorable 
when you stick your face on my neck 
like a large puppy.
The end of a sweltering summer
A cool night breeze, singing insects in the distance
The warmth of your skin on mine
And the chill of a cold beer-
An evening of blissful intoxication
Refuge is found, peace is discovered 
An all-accepting silence
In the warmth of your small, narrow shoulders
Sometimes I sit and wonder if 
you and I have an expiration date. 
And such silly ponderings leave my heart aching

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