1. About SuperNormal Project 
: Dive into boundaries
SuperNormal - meaning exceeding or beyond the normal - is the word Zipcy found while she’s looking for the answer to this question
“What is normality?”
As an artist, ZIPCY always explored ‘aesthetics of boundaries’ - her last work [TOUCH] showed  blurred lines between eroticism and affection, and before that, desire and hunger.

ZIPCY’s latest artwork, [SuperNormal project] goes further from those, exploring a variety of boundaries :
Digital & analog, Sexuality, Races, Normal and Abnormal.
An eccentric style, scorned by ordinary people before, becomes a new ‘normal’ or gets trendy.
Minority gets the majority. Something that never happened before becomes usual behavior.
This is the theme ZIPCY focused on, with varieties of style and racial features.
In [SuperNormal Project], ZIPCY’s elaborate illustration meets A.I generative art genre technology, giving birth to 8,888 figures(ZIPS, ZIPCY calls them) in forms of NFT artwork. Those zips - looking ‘normal enough’ by current NFT standard - calmly see through the audiences while showing off each’s own characteristic uniqueness. 
Certain drawn character (ZIPS, SuperNormal team call them) in this project
have vague sexuality and race, since composition was done by A.I, not the artist herself.
It was ZIPCY’s intention to give choices to A.I, who is not like herself,
aware of the current standard of ‘normality’, thus has no prejudices and
is able to combine all the elements, free of any boundaries. 
This is the most interesting part of the project.
8,888 ZIPS are born, with Hundreds of varied traits,
composed in random combinations.
Hundreds of clothes, hair, jewelries could be applied to each
their sex and racial features could be also mixed.
AI processes all those compositions, creating unexpected results that
the artist cannot control or intervene.
The user could meet their ideal, or something out of their expectations,
thus experiences supernormal.

In Fashion Game, one of the super normal roadmaps,
owners will be able to minting by combining traits themselves.
The unexpectedness is directly related to the unique value of each character
and will make this project more intriguing and brilliant. 
So, ‘ZIPS’ of Super Normal are waiting for another ZIPS and ‘YOU’ greet the new Era.

ZIPCY calls them ZIPS, not Avatar nor Profile Picture(PFP), because she wants her work to breathe and live with the owner for a long  time.(it could be one-to-one relationship, or one-to-many, many-to-one)
I think supernormal can be their identity and at the same time be their friend.  
So ZIPCY tried to give them a more comprehensive name that encompasses all of it.
Even though ZIPCY always focuses on ‘People’ with hand-drawn style painting, She finished [SuperNormal Project] with help of digital technologies and A.I. The project itself was a supernormal experience to the artist.
Why is it not 10,000, a symbolic number of the generative art market?
8 is a rotated shape of infinite(), and the digit itself seems like the shape of a human being. So ZIPCY thought it could be a perfect number for this project, which focuses on myriads of variety in human beings.
Not only that but the number 8 happens to be the most lucky number in many Asian cultures!
2. SuperNormal Project - Features
Qualities and Details
For years ZIPCY insisted on her artistic style, polishing and developing it to supremacy.
Close to real-life 2D painting, away from cartoon-like deformation,
guarantee "uniqueness" in their style itself in the current PFP market. 
These days, it seems that omission and abstraction are mainstream.
ZIPCY’s paintings may seem to go against them or on the contrary, it may look normal without likes or dislikes. 
That's why it leads to the first question, "What is normality? 
As it is far from the current trend,
Now the SuperNormal team dares to challenge into a new market, with tons of anticipation and anxiety.
We hope that more variety styles will appear and success in the NFT market as well,
and we hope that various tastes will be respected too.
Her latest work, [SuperNormal Project] represents us, the ordinary people,
who are about to walk across the world of virtual reality.
Somehow, It also represents the artist, who usually worked alone before,
now came across an AI tech team to do a collaboration project.

Their expressions are very silent, yet their eyes are full of desires to become somebody, a special one.
It’s ZIPCY’s artistic identity - traditional yet trendy, with a lots of cultural code included :
Blazing Hipster, Rocking Goth & Punk, Daring Harajuku, Sci-Fi like Cyborg.
It’s all pop-culture stuff yet everything and everyone revels against ‘normality’.  

The bolder and avant-garde concept is planned to be provided in Season 2,
so ZIPCY adjusted the variety of concept in Season 1.
As the users of season 1 can combine more diversely in season 2, and the concept will be expanded.
3. Progression of project
First ZIPCY drew various racial/sexual types of bodies, then she produced facial features(eyes, nose - etc) matching to each body type.
After basic bodies and faces are constructed, hundreds of traits were added - hair, costumes, jewelries, objects and backgrounds. ZIPCY herself drew all these traits in meticulous detail.
Each artwork file contains 30 - 70 layers. AI analyzes all the files and randomly picks body and traits for composition.
Though this process a zips comes to life.
4. Vision (ROAD MAP)
[SuperNormal project] isn't just ZIPCY's temporal aesthetic experiment, but would expand further and beyond. Backed up by feedback from various communities and tech teams, ZIPCY yearns to build a bigger picture, a roadmap for the future.
1. ZMV
One of our first but many visions is ZIPCY’S METAVERSE (ZMV).
We will be purchasing and developing an exclusive estate in Decentraland.
We plan to host many exciting and fun events some public to all and some exclusive only to SuperNormal holders.
STAY TUNED. Wearable fashion inside the Metaverse is
definitely something we are very looking forward to (Coming Season 2).
2. fashion game (NOT P2E)
Probably the most anticipated roadmap about the SuperNormal project is the game.
The game will introduce a Season 2 line of the SuperNormals which will be a collection of up to 20000 mints.
In season 2, more variety traits will be added.
More bolder and avant-garde traits.
In season 3, personality and MBTI can be added. (Cheer up Development team, You got this!)

Han Yak
Up to 8888 Han Yak (Korean Potion) will be free to be claimed for all Season 1 holders and the rest will be put up for presale and public sale. Consuming a Han Yak will allow you to participate in the exclusive fashion game where users will be given a bag of 20-30 random NEW traits to use and dress their SuperNormal. 
The user will have the choice to get a random gender and race or choose to use the base from their own Season 1 GENESIS SUPERNORMAL! Once they have dressed up their new zips they will be able to mint it!
What we are excited to see is how this will have an impact on rarity within the Season 2 drop as certain traits will definitely be more commonly used as some will be used much less.
There may also even be people who create exact duplicates.
It may be a wise choice to create some funky combinations! Creativity will definitely be tested. 
ZIPCY also has a very exciting plan for an actual “
ZIPS’s Merch”, available exclusively to SuperNormal holders. This will be varying products from streetwear to signed posters and so on. 
4. Collaborations
Collaborations are also underway with various project groups and artists. 
One of the most exciting collaborations we are working on is the CHARITY AUCTION with varying amazing artists from this space such as;

*Twitter handles  @LisaODT  @grelysian  @GreyRaydian  @orabelart  @jfemiki  @emmavolou_  @dielamaharanie  @nftfat
As well as many more that we are currently in discussions with. This will be planned for a few weeks after our launch and 50% of proceeds will go towards varying charities for women and 50% will go towards the collaborating artist (Although many are also choosing to donate their half of the proceeds as well!)

For various reasons, we decided to sponsor single mothers and organizations that help their children's education. It is a charity that
 helped ZIPCY and her mother before.
We believe women need stronger representation in the space and we want to ZIPS with projects that align with those values.

Our core value lies in representing 2 strong yet underrepresented communities which is Asian representation as well as having more women leading the forefront of this heavily male dominated space.
For these reasons we will be using portions of our proceeds towards on-boarding new and upcoming artists from Asia as well as on-boarding more amazing women by covering their minting costs.
Not only that but we will be donating to various charities supporting women as well as Asian communities.
With the SuperNormal launch ZIPCY made it her mission to ensure that the project is as inclusive as possible.
We even don’t discriminate to our AI counterpart, the Cyborgs. Our mission is to become a strong community that is inbetween the strong core of the English NFT space such as Crypto Punks, World of Women, Cool Cats, BAYC, Doodles and at the same time be in a position that bridges the up and coming Asian NFT space.
We want to become the main avenue where nations collide and networking is possible.
We want to be the face that represents Asia and women.


The future, which came faster due to COVID-19, asked the world about "humanity."
ZIPCY will go on her explorations of boundaries/relationships between people.
Her past and present works would become a grand thesis of brooding and desire, all about “Humanity” itself.
Along with the Fast-and-ever changing art market flow, ZIPCY wishes to pursue her artistic career for life, not a temporary investment or one-hit-wonder, just like ‘companion’ who can rely on and are able to keep going with. ​​​​​​​
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