A stroll along the decorated, 
carol-filled streets would be delightful, 
but i would still rather be nestled in my warm blankets with you, 
idling the afternoon away snacking on the clementine pieces 
you put in my mouth.

The reason I nuzzle at your neck

I am at total peace,
 by the warmth of your heat shrouding my face, 
the gentle thump of your heart beating, 
and the subtle, 

nose-tickling smell of your skin.
[ Touch ]
- Flesh on flesh 
It is never only a physical contact, nor a friction, but, in the very moment,
it is something more- give you a crush, take you high, blow your mind, and make you float around. 
These illustrations will remind you of that moment of mysterious sensations.

[ 닿 음 ] 
- 살과 살이 맞닿는다 
단순히 물리적으로 보면 [접촉, 스침] 에 불과할 지라도, 
그 찰나의 순간 우리는 심장이 단전까지 떨어지기도, 
구름 위로 두둥실 떠다니기도, 피가 역류하기도, 미온수를 유영하기도 한다. 
이렇듯 만감이 교차되는 신비로운 찰나를 그림에 담아내려 한다.

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